Fruits and vegetables

Mirax Agrar is a modern company whose main business activity is wholesale and distribution of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. The company is able to respond to the most demanding needs of the agricultural sector, which makes us one of the Serbian leaders regarding the export to Russian and European markets. We were established in 2013. Continuous growth and development resulted in reaching a remarkable level of business activity. Mirax Agrar is currently ranked among the top 5 largest exporters of fresh fruits, primarily due to many years of experience as well as due to our professional team of qualified people, employed with our company.

Our collection points, with the total capacity of over 10,000 tons, enable us to implement a so-called “cold chain” system in the distribution of fruits and vegetables. Operating temperature in our storage facilities is adjusted separately for each chamber, depending on the type of product, with an average temperature ranging between 0°-8°C. The chamber temperature is controlled automatically by a control microprocessor, and the required humidity is achieved by spraying water vapour by means of built-in humidifiers.